Dedicated SMTP Servers

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100$ for 6 Ip Smtp

Mail Marketing Servers

Shipping 10x faster with 25% more openings

Multiple MTA

Email campaigns using various SMTPs with automatic rotation. Multiple SMTP accounts from subdomains, each with unique Ip.

IP Monitor

Follow daily in the reputation of their IPs reports, the query result in the Reverse DNS blacklists and all IPs hired.

Rotating IPs and much more!

Servers are shipped fully configured, with rotating IPs, optimized MySQL, DKIM, DMARC, Spf, RDNS, Interspire and PowerMTA.

Geo Location Statistics

Know precisely where your emails were opened, Country, Region, Town, statistics users, email campaigns, export statistics by country, region and city.

All SMTP plans with Interspire + PowerMTA + All Advanced Features

Do you gaurantee inbox of email?

We do not guarantee arrival in the inbox as this depends on the content sent and how the campaign was made, but we guarantee the perfect setting for all required signatures to make it happen dkim / SPF / RDNs.

How do I know if my ips are on rotation?

Please send an email to a gmail account every 5 minutes and check the source code of your message through the option “View Original”.

What is your refund policy?

Refund will be granted only when the powermta 4 or interspire is not working, if server has problems then we cannot help. e.g. DNS Issue, ip blocking, dnsquarey resolve issue.

What i Install for You For Sending Emails//

  1. SMTP ( Which you can with AMS or Turbomailer
  2. Interspire Email Marketer
  3. WebMail